another boring update, & question :-)

got a cold, decided to take a break for the weekend, and is only beginning to start looking at the Haddock code (in ghc/utils/haddock which is from  Apparently it’s managed by “darcs-all” in the ghc tree…).  If there’s any higher-level documentation (online? in the doc directories?) maybe I should find and look at it too.  Spend a few hours there, and once I do that, maybe it’ll be time to pick a small bug/feature ticket to fix..

also see … Does anyone mind picking the second option (reconstruct info from .hi files, at the expense of its formatting details)? — you can comment on this post (is that right? If that doesn’t work, email me at my address listed on )

One Response to “another boring update, & question :-)”

  1. David Waern Says:

    The HEAD repository is at

    You should use that one since it’s usually more up-to-date than the darcs2 one, although they are usually close.

    The manual for Haddock is a good way to get an overview of the functionality. For documentation about the internals, I sent you a mail 🙂

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