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Next Project, Move doc-parsing to from GHC to Haddock

July 21, 2009

I’ve done the first step now! I made a patch that turns the representation of HsDoc in GHC into a FastString rather than a parsed entity, and deleted the parsing code and made it compile.  (HaddockModInfo will need to be FastString-ized also.)

(By the way, this means parsing the interiors of the comments.  GHC will still be the one to recognize “– |”, “– ^” and so forth, for this phase of the project, and to attach them to the parsed declarations.)

Next comes the presumably harder part: add support in Haddock!  (at least the final-product will need to be full of #ifdefs, in order to keep supporting GHC < 6.11, also.)

another boring update, & question :-)

May 26, 2009

got a cold, decided to take a break for the weekend, and is only beginning to start looking at the Haddock code (in ghc/utils/haddock which is from  Apparently it’s managed by “darcs-all” in the ghc tree…).  If there’s any higher-level documentation (online? in the doc directories?) maybe I should find and look at it too.  Spend a few hours there, and once I do that, maybe it’ll be time to pick a small bug/feature ticket to fix..

also see … Does anyone mind picking the second option (reconstruct info from .hi files, at the expense of its formatting details)? — you can comment on this post (is that right? If that doesn’t work, email me at my address listed on )

platform progress

May 20, 2009

Jaunty successful!  (though KMail seems a bit unstable)  ghc 6.8.2, darcs 2.2.0

Now Darcs is being annoying, but I did compile a GHC (6.10.3) in 50 minutes, without using parallelism (I didn’t want to worry about remembering how advanced the old build system was)

things are coming along nicely…

Status update

May 12, 2009


Haddock improvements! Besides the various inevitable small fixes/improvements, my specific projects are to make cross-package documentation work, and to refactor the comment-parsing out of GHC and into the Haddock code-base.

Immediate timeline: Go home (where I have decent download speed) May 17th, then upgrade to Ubuntu 9.04, then get my Haskell-compiling toolchain in order.  GSOC paid work officially starts on May 23rd.

Hello world!

April 25, 2009

This is currently my blog for my Google Summer-of-Code project, Haskell “Haddock Improvements” (“Haddock” is the documentation tool, for Haskell code, written in Haskell the programming language).

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