My name is Isaac Dupree (alias melioria).  In the summer of 2009, I completed two major projects for the code-documentation software for the programming language Haskell.  This software is called “Haddock” (similar in spirit to Doxygen; Haddock is used nearly universally in the Haskell world).  My patches were merged and released as of GHC 6.12.1 and Haddock 2.6.0.

In summary: I decoupled the parsing of Haddock-comments from the GHC code-base, and I made it possible (when it is appropriate) for comments from a dependent library package to show up in the generated HTML documentation.  I also fixed a couple other standing issues with the HTML generation, and have followed up by fixing bugs discovered later in this code.

This project occurred under the umbrella of Google Summer of Code, in the Haskell organization.  My mentor was David Waern, who deserves much thanks for guiding me to choose stable, maintainable shape for my patches to the code base.

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